All platform Users can Earn more Money, get Benefits from the Platform features and also Spend to run multiple Trading Bots on our Platform. provides a Marketplace where you can have multiple ways to Earn Money, Spend Money and also get many Benefits from several Features available on our Platform.


Ways in which you can Earn from our Platform:

  1. Earn by making a Profitable RULE
  2. Earn Gifts in Contests that we run from time to time (Coming Soon)
  3. Rent your Profitable RULE and Earn more money with the people who subscribe to your RULE.


Subscribe with appropriate Packages to run Multiple Bots and make as many Profits as possible.

Benefits: Users have multiple Benefits in the form of features we have on platform:

  1. Make Profitable RULES with which you can Earn
  2. BackTest the RULES you have created to make it more Profitable with past Data of Currencies
  3. Platform for Investors, where Investors can Invest in Trading and Earn Profits
  4. Platform for Traders, where Traders can Trade using their strategies and Earn as much as possible
  5. Earn from the purchased Rules from Marketplace. Profitable RULES by many Traders will be posted here, and you can purchase any Profitable RULE from the list and Earn Profits
  6. You will have a 24×7 Live Trading Bot running all the time to gain Profits from the Market
  7. Bot Non Technical and Technical Traders / Users can Trade on our platform as our Bots are very Easy to understand and Simple to Use