How to Create API Keys from Exchanges?

Most of the new Users do not know how to create API Keys from your Trading Account on CoinDCX, Bitfinex, Binance etc, or some of the Users even might not have a Trading Account on any of these [...]

How to create Profitable RULES?

How to Create Profitable RULES   Before we can generate a profitable RULE, let us first understand our strategy and the principle behind it. The strategy that we apply is simple but [...]

How to Start using a Trading Bot?

What is a Trading Bot? A Trading Bot runs the conditions you set in a Rule automatically. Trading Bot is used to automate the Trading process on an Exchange using the set of ‘Rules‘ [...]

How to Create a New Rule?

Rule is a set of conditions put together to execute an Order. Whenever the conditions that we define in a rule are met, an Order is pushed to the exchange by our Trading Bot. To Create a New [...]