How to Start using a Trading Bot?

What is a Trading Bot?

A Trading Bot runs the conditions you set in a Rule automatically. Trading Bot is used to automate the Trading process on an Exchange using the set of ‘Rules‘ that you create on a particular Currency Pair using your Wallet Amount.


How does using a Trading Bot help me? provides Trading Bots for everyone. These bots are easy to Understand and are very simple to use. Trading Bots help you Execute Orders without your manual intervention. All you need to do is, create a ‘Rule‘, select Currency Pair, select Wallet Amount and Start Trading.

By using a Trading Bot, you do not have to:

  • Do not have to Monitor the Currency Price 24×7
  • Do not have to calculate Currency Prices to Execute an Order
  • Do not have to Monitor your Trade 24×7
  • Do nto have to worry about Booking Stop Loss and Square Off
  • Do not have to go through Mental Trauma by watching the Currency Price go up and down

and most importantly,


We can simply deploy a Trading Bot on platform by assigning a Rule, and the Trading goes on by itself.


How to Start a Trading Bot?

To Start a Trading Bot on platform, you can first Create a New Rule in Rules tab. Once, the Rule is created, switch to ‘Trades’ tab and select Start Trading. On this screen, select the Rule that you’d like to apply, select Currency Pair on which you want to run the Trade and Click on Start Trading. You can also see the ‘PREVIEW’ of the Entry Points, Profit Bookings and Stop Loss before starting a Trade.


Pause / Stop a Trade

You can Pause a Trade, or Stop a Trade at any point of time after a Trade starts. This will help you stop the Trading Bot from executing the Orders until you resume the Session back, or you can completely Stop and close the Position.