provides automated Trading Bots which will help the Traders to save their TIME and energy. Our Trading Bots will Trade on behalf of you, on your own Trading Accounts. No more 24×7 manual trading for you, our Bots will take care of the Trading Strategies that you have set.

You do not have to send us your Coins, You do not have to share your Account Details or any such personal information. All you need to do is, generate the API Key on your Account (with ‘NO WITHDRAWAL‘ Permission) and submit on our Dashboard, and the Trading Bot will take care of the Trades you want to make in your Account, on behalf of You. supports Exchanges like CoinDCX and Bitfinex to start with, and will add more popular exchanges in coming Months.

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Here is a simple process explanation about

Trading with is an easy and simple 6 Steps Process.

Create a RULE -> Select Currency Pair -> BACKTEST -> Integrate Exchange -> Get 1 FREE BOT -> Start Trading

1. Create a RULE: RULE is a set of variables that you define. RULE contains of few conditions which will be executed when they are met. You will have to define the values of these conditions, so that, when the Currency Pairs match those conditions, these variables will be executed on your Trading Account using APIs of the Crypto Currency Exchanges.

RULE mainly contains of 3 parts, ‘Entry Point’, ‘Profit Booking’ and ‘Stop Loss’. You will have to define these 3 conditions in your RULE so that the Bot can Enter the Trade when you want it to place an Order at a respective Price. ‘Book Profit’ when the Currency Prices reach desirable Profit Rates as per your RULE Conditions, and Stop Trading at a ‘Stop Loss’ Condition

2. Select Currency Pair: Once you are done with Creating a RULE, you will have to select a Currency Pair on which this RULE (set of conditions you defined) will be applied. Whenever, the Conditions defined in the RULE are met for this Currency Pair, the Orders will be executed on your Account using APIs

3. BACKTEST on Previous Data: After you Create your RULE, you can try if the RULE you have created is Profitable, Or does it needs to be rectified. To make this happen, provides an awesome feature called ‘BACKTEST’. You can BACKTEST the RULE you have created with the already available Currency Prices of previous few months.

You can BACKTEST your RULE with previous 1 Month data, 2 Months, 3 Months data and check if the RULE you have created is actually profitable or not with the previous Coin Prices. You can try BACKTEST on different time duration, different Coin Pairs with different Wallet Amount.

You can actually check which Currency Pair can be Profitable with which RULE and adjust the RULE conditions accordingly to make it more Profitable.

You can also Buy Profitable Strategies from the marketplace and Start Trading on these Strategies.(COMING SOON)

4. Integrate your Exchange: Once the RULE is Created, Currency Pair is selected and Back Test is done, you will be all set to enter the Trading Process. To enter the Trading Process, you will first have to integrate your Cryptocurrency Exchange with the platform.

To integrate your Cryptocurrency Exchange in the platform, login to the Dashboard , and Exchanges section of the Dashboard and add the Keys on this Page. If you want to add the API Keys on another Exchange, then change the Exchange in the same page, and Add the API Keys in this page for respective Exchanges.

5. FREE BOT for Everyone: You can try our auto Trading Platform for Free with 1 Bot. You can try creating new RULES, Back Test as many times as you want to create a Profitable RULE, BACKTEST the RULE you have created and also Start a Trading Session by using an automated Bot. You can try 1 Trading Session on the RULE you have created for FREE, and can Purchase more Bots if you want to start Trading on more than 1 Currency Pair. To let the You can Purchase more Trading Bots from the Packs in our PRICING page.

6. Start Trading: You can Start Trading with multiple Bots once you Subscribe / Purchase any of the Packages from Pricing page. Once you are Subscribed to a package, you can Create Multiple Trading Bots based on the Package selected and Start Trading on Multiple Currency Pairs on Multiple Exchanges.

After you Create a RULE (Or select Existing RULE) and Select the Currency Pair, you will be all set to deploy your Trading Bot. Once the Bot is deployed, it will first look to place an Order based on the conditions you defined in the RULE. Once the Order Placing condition is met, an Order is placed, and the Bot will look for Profit and Loss conditions that you have defined, and will book Profits or Stop Loss accordingly.

You can Start a Trade from the Control Panel, Pause the Bots from Trading when you want it to stop executing further orders and resume at a later time, or Stop the Bots from Trading by closing a Position. All this can be controlled from a Control Panel inside the Dashboard.

You can also preview your projected Trading on our Platform before deploying your Bot. The Preview section will show the projected values from the current currency price. It will give you an idea on which order will execute at which price at current price of the currency. This will change based on currency price at that moment.