Terms and Conditions

Welcome at autoPredict (hereafter also “autoPredict” or “we/our”). We offer online software as a service (SaaS) through our website https://autopredict.io/ (the “Website”). Our software (“Software”) enables you to Trade and invest in cryptocurrencies by means of an automatic crypto Trading bot – of which (solely) you control and configure the settings.

These terms and conditions (the “Terms”) apply to the relationship between autoPredict and you for any use of the Website and the Software that autoPredict offers. You cannot use the Software without accepting these Terms.

1. Definitions

1.1. autoPredict: autoPredict, a limited liability company. autoPredict is also referred to as “we”.

1.2. User(s): individual private person(s) or legal entity making use of the Website or Software. Users are also referred to as “you”.

1.3. Software: the software autoPredict has developed to enable Users to Trade in crypto currencies on the crypto market, in the form of a crypto Trading bot. The Software is also referred to as “Bot”. The Software is available through the Website https://autopredict.io/.

1.4. RULES: Rules are a set of variables that User would define, based on which the Trading calls would be made. Rules are easy to make and understand. Users have the option to configure the Software as such that it will automatically buy currencies on the basis of Rules that User had set.

User can enter 3 conditions in a Rule. a) Create Entry Point. b) Mention Profit Booking conditions. c) Mention Loss handling conditions.

  • Example for Entry Point:
    A RULE has this condition, ‘When Market Price of Cryptocurrency Pair ‘Rises’ by ‘1%’ in ‘120 minutes’, Buy Cryptocurrency worth ‘10%’ of Wallet Amount’
  • Example for Profit Booking:
    Square Off the entire Position at 5% Profit.
    Or, Book Profit in Steps, each step should book 25% of Position Amount at 1% Profit.
  • Example for Loss Handling:
    Stop Loss at 5% for entire Position amount.
    Or, Decrease Position by Selling 20% of Position amount at 1% Loss each.
    Or, Increase Position by Buying 20% of Position amount more at 1% Loss each.

1.5. Trade: By Starting a Trade, Bot is activated. This Trading Bot that is activated will check for the Conditions in the RULE with which Trade was Started, and places Orders on your Cryptocurrency Exchanges accordingly . When a Buy condition is met, the Bot purchases the Cryptocurrency, and when Sell condition is met, the Bot Sells the Cryptocurrency.

1.6. Position: In order for the User to earn Profit, autoPredict creates a Position for each Trade. A Position is Created and Closed by the Bot, depending on the conditions mentioned in the RULE. When we Buy (In case of Long) a certain amount of Cryptocurrency, a Position is created for the amount purchased. The Position is Closed, when the amount purchased during this Position is completely Sold. (In case of Short, Position is opened when we first Sell the Cryptocurrency, and Position is Closed, when Bot purchases the equal amount of currency).

Example: If User purchases 1BTC, then a position of 1BTC is created. When a Position is created, the first Trade that happens is called an ‘Entry Point’. When the Profit is booked and entire 1BTC is sold, then this Position is Closed. Position can be closed by 3 ways Square Off (In case of Profit), Stop Loss (In case of Loss), Steps (In case of Profit/Loss).

1.7. Entry Point: In each Trade, a Position is started by purchasing some amount of cryptocurrency. This position is closed when the amount purchased in this position is entirely sold. Entry Point is the first purchase of cryptocurrency in the Position, where the User enters the Market.

1.8. Square Off: Square Off means, selling entire amount in the position at a profitable rate. When an Entry Point is created, the User can Square Off the entire amount Purchased at ‘X%’ Profit. This is usually used to Book Profits by selling entire amount purchased in a position.

1.9. Stop Loss: Stop Loss means, Clearing out the entire Position amount that is purchased at ‘Y%’ Loss. This is usually used to handle the loss cases where the user can close the position at minimum loss.


2. Registration and personal account

2.1. If you want to use our Website and Software, go to https://autopredict.io/. You will need to register and create a personal account in order to use the Website and Software.
2.2. You must protect the login details of your account and keep your password strictly secret. We will assume that all actions taken from your account are done by you or under your supervision.
2.3. You agree to provide up-to-date, complete and accurate information on your account. You agree to promptly update your personal account when necessary, so that we can contact you if needed.


3. Offers and prices

3.1. All offers and free trials on the Website are without obligations. However, all offers and free trials are always subject to these Terms.
3.2. The prices on the Website include taxes and expenses.
3.3. We can always adjust our prices. The price change will take effect immediately.


4. Subscription and payment

4.1. You need a subscription to use the additional features or Bots on the Website and Software. Subscriptions are offered for a fixed amount per month and/or per year. You can get a subscription at https://autopredict.io/pricing.
4.2. AutoPredict offers several sorts of packages as a subscription. Each package differs in the amount of positions, selected coins, frequency of scanning the stock/cryptocurrency market/exchange and the amount of support from autoPredict. You can find all packages at https://autopredict.io/.
4.3. autoPredict will give User access to the Software immediately after the subscription has been completed. User can use and set up multiple Bots within the Software on the basis of subscription packages purchased.
4.4. The price of the subscription will be invoiced on request. Possible methods of payment are displayed on the Website and include cryptocurrencies for payment.
4.5. A monthly subscription will continue for a month, or several months, based on the Subscription Package.
4.6. A yearly subscription will automatically be extended after expiration, unless User cancels the subscription before the end of the term already paid for. In case User is a natural person, the automatically extended subscription can be terminated on a monthly basis. User can also modify the extended subscription to a yearly subscription.
4.7. User can cancel the subscription by the end of the end of the term already paid for. The account of the User will remain active for the period that User has already paid for.


5. Withdrawal / Refund

5.1. There is ‘No Withdrawal’ or ‘No Refund’ policy, once the Subscription is purchased.


6. Fair use of our Website and Software

6.1. By using our Website and Software, you declare to be at least 18 years old.
6.2. You may not use the Website and Software in such way that you violate the Dutch law or any other applicable laws and regulations.
6.3. As a condition for using the Website and Software, you agree not to provide any information, data or content to us or the Website and Software that is incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete or that violates any law or regulation. In addition, you agree that you will not, nor allow third parties to:
a. enter any non-public / secure areas of the Website or Software;
b. send viruses, worms, junk mail, spam, chain letters, unsolicited offers or ads of any kind and for any purpose;
c. investigate, scan or test the Website of Software or any other related system or network, or violate any security or authentication;
d. use any automated systems of software to withdraw data from the Website (“screen-scraping”);
e. make and distribute copies of the Website or Software;
f. attempt to sell, distribute, copy, rent, sub-license, loan, merge, reproduce, alter, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, transfer, exchange, translate, hack, distribute, harm or misuse the Website or Software;
g. or create derivative works of any kind whatsoever.
6.4. You may not create an account under someone else’s name or act like someone else in any other way.
6.5. In case the account concerns a corporate account, only an authorized person is allowed to Trade with the corporate account. It is the responsibility of the user of the corporate account that only authorized persons have access to the account.
6.6. If you receive personal data or other sensitive information from other users, you will keep this information secret.
6.7. autoPredict is entitled to (temporarily or permanently) block your account and deny you access to the Website, if we suspect abuse of the account or the Website. We can also block your account or deny you access to the platform if you do not comply with these Terms, including conditions and policies referenced herein.

7. Privacy

7.1. autoPredict respects your privacy and anticipate the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). When you make use of our Website and Software, we will collect certain personal data from you. In our Privacy Policy you can read which personal data we collect and for what purposes. You can find our privacy policy here:https://autopredict.io//privacy.


8. Intellectual property

8.1. autoPredict is the exclusive licensee of all intellectual property rights vesting in and relating to (all content made available through) the Website and the Software, such as – but not limited to – patents, patent applications, Trademarks, Trademark applications, database rights, service marks, Trade names, copyrights, Trade secrets, licenses, domain names, know-how, property rights and processes (“Intellectual Property Rights”).
8.2. autoPredict grants its Users a non-transferrable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable and revocable license intended for fair use of the Website and Software on the subscription basis as offered by us at https://autopredict.io/. You are not allowed to access the content of the Website and Software for any other purpose, such as selling or distributing the content of the Website and Software. Also see clause 6.


9. Availability of the Website and Software and disclaimer of warranties

9.1. The Website and Software are available on computers and handheld mobile devices running iOS and Android. autoPredict will use reasonable efforts to make the Website and Software available at all times. However, User acknowledges that the Website and Software are provided over the internet and mobile networks and thus the quality and availability of the Website and Software may be affected by factors outside autoPredict’s reasonable control.
9.2. autoPredict does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for unavailability of the Website and Software, or any difficulty or inability to download or access content, or any other communication system failure which may result in the Website or Software being unavailable.
9.3. autoPredict is not responsible for any support or maintenance regarding the Website or Software. autoPredict may – at its own discretion – update, modify, or adapt the Website or Software and their functionalities from time to time to enhance the user experience. autoPredict is not responsible for any downtime resulting from these actions.
9.4. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, autoPredict hereby disclaims all implied warranties regarding the availability of the Website and Software. The Website and Software are provided “as is” and “as available” without warranty of any kind.

10. Helpdesk, advice and disclaimer

10.1. autoPredict has a helpdesk where User can ask questions about the Website and Software. autoPredict will only give advice about the functioning of the Website and Software.
10.2. autoPredict explicitly does not:
10.2.1. Give Users any personal advice on recommended settings for the Bot;
10.2.2. Give Users any personal financial advice.
10.2.3. autoPredict may upload general tutorials and academy videos on the Website, about the functioning of the Website and Software.
10.2.4. All tutorials, videos and templates uploaded by autoPredict are general and contain in no way personal and/or financial advice. All use of these advices is at the sole risk of the User.
10.2.5. User can connect their Bot to a Signaller. Signallers are not provided by autoPredict, but they are provided by external advisors. All use of Signallers is at the sole risk of the User.


11. Risks

User is aware of the accompanying risks of possessing, Trading and using crypto currencies and takes full responsibility for these risks.


12. Liability

12.1. Nothing in these Terms shall exclude or limit autoPredict’s liability when it cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.
12.2. autoPredict is not liable to you for any (direct or indirect) damage you suffer as a result of the use of the

Website or Software or the content provided thereon. For example, autoPredict is not liable for:

  • the proper functioning of (hyper)links provided by the Website or Software;
  • the quality of any template containing Bot settings, provided by Users on the Website;
  • the (lack of) financial benefit for the Users through the use of the Website or Software;
  • any situation where Users mobile device, login details and/or password is stolen and any third party subsequently makes use of the Website or Software without User’s consent;
  • any damage or alteration to User’s equipment including but not limited to computer equipment or a handheld device as a result of the installation or use of the Website or Software;
  • a failure to meet any of autoPredict’s obligations under these Terms where such failure is due to events beyond autoPredict’s reasonable control.


13. Indemnification

13.1. Users will indemnify, defend, and hold autoPredict harmless from and against all liabilities, damages and costs (including settlement costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of third party claims regarding:

  • any injury or damages resulting from behaviour of User related to the use of our Website and Software; and
  • breach by User of these Terms or violation of any applicable law, regulation or order.

14. Miscellaneous

14.1. autoPredict reserves the right to change these Terms. When we change these Terms in a significant way, we will notify Users by newsletter (if User has provided us with his e-mail address to this end) and post a notification on our Website along with the updated Terms. By continuing to use the Website, you acknowledge the most recent version of these Terms.
14.2. If we do not enforce (parts of) these Terms, this cannot be construed as consent or waiver of the right to enforce them at a later moment in time or against another User.
14.3. User cannot transfer the rights and obligations from these Terms to third parties.


15. Severability

15.1. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of these Terms shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of these Terms. Any such invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced or be deemed to be replaced by a provision that is considered to be valid and enforceable and which interpretation shall be as close as possible to the intent of the invalid provision.


16. Applicable law and jurisdiction

16.1. These Terms shall exclusively be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India.
16.2. Unless mandatory law compels differently, all disputes resulting from or arising in connection with these Terms shall be exclusively submitted to the competent court of Indore, India, unless the dispute can be settled in an amicable fashion.


17. Complaints, comments and suggestions

17.1. autoPredict strives to give you optimal service. If you have a complaint, comment or suggestion, you can contact us at [email protected] Please provide us with your contact details, and a clear description and reason for your complaint. Complaints are usually processed within 7 working days.